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The Unexplained Puzzle Into Sat Writing Essay Samples

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Race And Just Us Or Justice For All - 2112 Words

Race and Just-Us or Justice For All Wise Allah ENG 122: English Composition II Prof. Ann Storey October 13, 2014 One out of every three black males born today can expect to go to prison if the trend in America continues at the rate it is right now. With the prison population in U.S. steady on the rise, is the prison industry a big business or a new form of slavery? Thanks to prison labor, the U.S. has become once again since the so-called abolishment of slavery, an attractive location for investment in work that was designed for Third World labor markets. http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-prison-industry-in-the-united-states-big-business-or-a-new-form-of-slavery/8289 Although the image of Lady Justice has a blindfold over her eyes to represent the theory of â€Å"blind justice,† which means that justice should be brought regardless to the victim’s and offender’s identities. We continue to have disparate numbers of minority inmates in the prison population, which is still escalating. Is this a result of a higher rate of minority crimes, or are minorities a victim of a crimin al act due to our judicial system removing the blindfold and is operating outside the realm of justice and equality based on racist ideology and greed? In order for us to diagnose this situation, we must penetrate the American Judicial System in the same manner that a physician cuts and enters a body to extricate cancer. If a physician does not get inside, there is nothing,Show MoreRelatedPoverty Inequality By Harper Lee s Kill A Mockingbird 1644 Words   |  7 Pages Inequality in Justice Equality means for all to be equal. However, this â€Å"equality† that is spoken of hardly exists in our society today and most definitely not in the past. Living in today’s society, many classifications are given to us. Things like gender, race, social status, wealth, background, age, and many other factors have come to define a single person in our world. Sadly, our world is full of prejudice that uses these classifications to it’s advantage. In the justice system, althoughRead MoreFor Liberty And Justice For All1721 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"For liberty and justice for all† (USC 4 Sec. 4). In present day society, it is often assumed mainly by minorities that we live in a racist country despite the claims by higher government organizations that â€Å"fight† for equality. Due to many police brutality cases ranging from the nineties with the Rodney King beating to just recently in 2014 with the Michael Brown shooting, it is clear that racism is s till very present in this country, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. US News even concludedRead MoreDr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pages History is one of the topics in education, which teaches us important events of the past and helps us to understand the events of the present. Many people can be remembered in history for their past in shaping the world and the lives of some people. Looking back critically at history. One might be tempted to conclude that events in history have always evolved around human rights race relationships and power. In this paper, I will focus on the themes of racism, human rights, and power and howRead MoreRacism : The Criminal Justice System1040 Words   |  5 Pages213 American Federal Government-Online 25th November 2015 Racism in Our Criminal Justice System There are many different types of unlawful racism in the criminal justice system. It goes from back in the early part of our great nation’s birth to the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. to Ferguson, Missouri. The path that racism takes is from old time’s point of view. The way to clear up racism in our criminal justice system is simple and easy. Americans need to fully understand the idea of equalityRead MoreRacial Profiling And Its Impact On Society1209 Words   |  5 Pageswith the government system. Just because a particular person from a particular race does something wrong, everyone from that race is being discriminated by so-called other races. Racial profiling is getting worst by the years go by, it is becoming a hot topic. Ever since the major attack of September 11, 2001 many people have seen Muslims as terrorists. Racial profiling doesn’t just affect Muslims; it affects African Americans and Hispanics. Due to the action of just one individual, and fr om thatRead MoreWhat Would Jesus Do1227 Words   |  5 PagesWhat would Jesus do in regards to the social justice issue of immigration? Would he give immigrants a fair and unbiased opportunity in a new country, or would he turn his back towards these hopeful people? The Catholic Church teaches us that Jesus would support immigrants, live by the Catholic Social Justice Themes and the Christian Feminist model of Justice, and give these people a fighting chance in a new country. These ideologies represent hope, a more promising future for immigration, and a changeRead MoreT Be Used As An Initial Heading1000 Words   |  4 Pageswhat not only the people that surround us, but the people in America and the people in the criminal justice system are victims of by the men and women who swore to protect and carry out the equal human rights of all. Racial bias does not just occur solely within the court system. It occurs from the black men who was racially profiled who randomly got pulled ov er, to jury selections, to the out of proportion prison systems and to the entire criminal justice system, who took the 14th Amendment toRead MoreAnalyzing Rawls Second Principle of Justice1752 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Rawlss Second Principle of Justice Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Rawlss Second Principle of Justice A principle of justice is the most crucial thought written about in past decades. This theory is not exclusively meant for philosophers; it is also beneficial to people engaged in public policy practice, political scientists, judges and lawyers. The text on Rawlss second principle of justice is a necessary tool in understanding political thoughts. As much as the text is complicatedRead MoreLoving vs. The Commonwealth of Virginia: Significance in Marriage Law1174 Words   |  5 Pageslandmark when it produces a precedent that is regarded as law by jurists during other cases. These cases are seen as such, generally, because they change the direction of the people making the laws and sitting on the courts, and forge a new path for justice which is more often than not seen as a perfection of the law. One such case occurred in Loving v. The Commonwealth of Virginia in 1967. The original complaint was made in 1958 during a time when the State of Virginia, which is considered deeply ingrai nedRead MoreProfessional Racism and Discrimination1117 Words   |  5 PagesThe Los Angeles Police Department has a reputation for using race as a basis to catch criminals. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for believing an individual is suspicious of committing a crime. Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards people of color affects the justice system and violates people’s human rights. The LAPD continues to use racial profiling against mostly African-Americans and Latinos. The use of racial profiling by the LAPD prevents the police from serving

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Themes And Symbols In The Red Badge Of Courage - 992 Words

Symbols have a huge role in the everyday life. Somebody gives their loved one a red rose to express the love that they have for them. While the bride and the groom wear white apparels to their wedding to represent the new life, that they are starting together. In the novel, The Red Badge of Courage, written by Stephen Crane, a boy named Henry Fleming learns to face his fears. In the novel, A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles, Gene goes back to his old school and recalls the events that happened to him while he was in school. Both novels have an important symbol that contributes to the theme. Symbolically speaking, Crane’s novel shows symbolism through an idea known as the red badge of courage. The red badge of courage, being the†¦show more content†¦However, he witnesses several men getting injured and seeing this contributes to his fear toward war. Henry’s emotional badge of courage is his cowardness which is seen when he explores the way wars are fought . He seems to be in a state of shock when watching how his friends of the regiment die ruthlessly in a battle. Henry, being able to escape from the battlefield, serves as an evidence that he was not ready for the lifestyle in a war. Soldiers dying out of pain, the extreme weather conditions, and the lack of supplies was horrifying for Henry. Henry’s red badge(s) of courage support the theme of overcoming his or her fears. Henry escapes the battlefield because he could not handle the terrors of the war, but the taunts of the society and the desire to get a red badge of courage compelled him to come back. Henry returns to war prepared to fight the enemy. It is an understanding that in order to defeat an individual’s fear, motivation and inspiration is required. Henry’s desire to get a red badge of courage inspires him to face his fears of war. Similarly, Knowles’ novel portrays a symbol of maturity through the Winter Session of the Devon School. Gene and hi s friends go through the Summer Session doing activities that carefree children would do for fun. When the Summer Session ends and winter comes, everything changes at the Devon School, including Gene’s school life. At the start ofShow MoreRelatedSymbols And Themes Of The Red Badge Of Courage By Stephen Crane872 Words   |  4 Pages Symbols Help Understand The Theme Symbols and themes play a major role in understanding novels. The symbols and themes can help with getting a better understanding of the novel. A novel that has many symbols is a novel called The Red Badge Of Courage. The author of the novel is Stephen Crane and the genre is historical fiction. In the novel the main character is Henry Fleming. Henry is also known as The Youth. Henry joins the Union in the Civil War. Henry joined the army to have glory. When HenryRead MoreThe Red Badge Of Courage By Stephen Crane917 Words   |  4 PagesGrowing Up From Boys to Men Symbols and themes play a major role in novels. The symbols and themes can help with getting a better understanding in novels. One novel that has many symbols is The Red Badge Of Courage. The author of this novel is Stephen Crane and the genre is historical fiction. In the novel the main character is Henry Fleming. Henry is also known as The Youth. Henry joins the Union in the Civil War. Henry joined the army to have glory. When Henry first gets on the battle field heRead MoreSimilarities Between A Separate Peace And The Red Badge Of Courage1020 Words   |  5 Pagesin the world has the easiest answer or the clearest meaning. The average citizen may not take the time to look for symbols in the real world. Those same citizens also may not notice that an object could have a hidden meaning. In the novels The Red Badge of Courage, by Stephen Crane, and A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, both contain symbols that help represent the novels overall theme. Crane’s novel is about a young boy named Henry, who fights in the Civil War. He goes through many internal conflictsRead MoreRealism and Romanticism within The Red Badge of Courage1595 Words   |  6 PagesRealism and Romanticism Within The Red Badge of Courage The Red Badge of Courage, written by Stephan Crane in 1895 gives a detailed, yet, fictional account of Henry Fleming, a farm boy who joins the Union Army in the American Civil War. Before Henry is battle-tested, he ponders his courage and questions whether he will be able to fight the urge to flee from battle. Henry does indeed end up deserting his comrades however he ultimately overcomes his guilt and becomes one of the best fighters in hisRead MoreSymbolism in Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage Essay1255 Words   |  6 PagesIn the novel The Red Badge of Courage, by Stephan Crane, the author uses symbolism to illustrate the main character’s actions and the setting’s scenery. Henry Fleming, the protagonist of the novel, cannot decide whether he can be a hero or if he will fall as a coward. The symbolism used in The Red Badge of Courage represents Henry’s decision to fight proudly and how common items mean more than what meets the eye. Stephan Crane was born in 1871 in New Jersey. At the age of twenty-two, he publishedRead MoreEssay Red Badge of Courage756 Words   |  4 PagesThe Red Badge of Courage Kelsey Christian The book The Red Badge of Courage was a very moving and interesting book that has many examples of the literary devices; irony, motif, and metaphor. These three things are very important in many forms of writing. Irony is an outcome of events different to what was or might have been expected. Motif is a recurring theme, symbol, or idea in artistic or literary work. An extended metaphor is the comparison of one thing to another that recurs throughout theRead MoreThe Red Badge Od Courage Datasheet863 Words   |  4 PagesTitle: The Red Badge of Courage Author: Stephen Crane Genre: Historical Fiction Author and Background: Stephen Crane was born on November 1st, 1871. He wrote several books such as Maggie and Georges Mother, but The Red Badge of Courage was by far his best work and biggest seller. In 1900 he became ill and was nearly broke so he couldn’t afford his multiple health treatments. On June 5th, 1900 he died and left his belongings to Cora Taylor, a close friend. The Red Badge of Courage takes placeRead More For Esme- With Love and Squalor Essay1089 Words   |  5 Pages Eventually, people find their way of dealing with these moments. Sergeant X relies on his memories of Esme to help him. The theme of the story is that the innocence of youth can serve as a healing power in times when the world seems to be falling apart. 2) â€Å"For Esme-With Love and Squalor† is essentially a story within a story; this is important to the theme of the story because the writer attempts to remove himself from the story (in first person narration) for the purpose of examinationRead MoreRed Badge of Courage Essay1271 Words   |  6 PagesTo Be or Not to Be†¦ A Man The Red Badge of Courage written by Stephen Crane is a prime example of bildungsroman, or a coming of age story. Crane begins with a cowardly boy, Henry Fleming, and ends with an experienced war hero who has learned not just what war really is, but who he really is. Mark Twain once said, â€Å"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.† [Epigraph] Although he struggles to learn that being a soldier means more thanRead MoreDehumanization in the Red Badge of Courage2369 Words   |  10 Pagesnovel The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane forcefully depicts an epic adventure though war where the men fight for their lives. These men are subject to a scene which scars and destroys the human consciousness. The result of the war and its bloody landscape causes men to lose basic human judgment and replaces it with mindless violence. All of the men are stripped of what makes them unique and are subject to a merciless war . It is clear as shown by Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage the men

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International Energy Policies

Questions: 1. Summary of decisions regarding climate change and energy policy in United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015, COP 21.2. Framework of Energy Policies in the United States.3. Impact of decisions from UNFCCC Meetings Conference of Parties on the energy policy of United States.4. Key global challenges and issues faced the world oil and gas industry. Answers: Introduction The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is an international environmental treaty. It was formed to stabilize the concentrations of greenhouse gases within the environment so as to avoid unsafe interference in the climate. UNFCCC serves as the formal meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP) to consider the development while dealing with the climatic change. In 2015, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 was held in Paris. The negotiations resulted in the adoption of the Paris Agreement, which would govern the climate change reduction measures from 2020 (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2015). In order to support the Paris Agreement only 55 countries make at least 55 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions. The report analyzes the framework of the energy policies along with the key global challenges and issues faced by the oil as well as gas industry of United States. This report critically evaluates the impact of the Paris Agreement decisions on the energy policy of the United States. Further, recommendations are given to overcome the challenges and issues in the oil as well as gas industry. 1. Summary of decisions regarding climate change and energy policy in United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015, COP 21 The primary purpose of the Paris Agreement, based on the negotiations of the UNCCC of 2015 was to limit global warming to less than 2 degree Celsius. In addition to this, the agreement also aimed at attaining zero net anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by the latter half of the 21st Century. The decisions that were taken in the conference regarding climate change and energy policy are the outcomes of the UNFCCC. Firstly, it takes the decision to control the rise of global temperature and maintain it below 2 degree Celsius. Secondly, it commits all the countries to report on the carbon emissions to achieve nationally determined contributions. Thirdly, it extends a mechanism in order to address loss and damage resulting in climate change, which serves as a basis for liability or compensation (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2015). Fourthly, this agreement calls for a mechanism, which is similar to Clear Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol, which en ables in reduction of carbon emission. The Paris Agreement makes the latest step in the evolution of the UN climate change with the acceptance of the Framework Convention. This agreement articulates two long-term emissions goals such as peak emissions and goal of neutrality of net greenhouse gas. Burns (2015) opined that the agreement also establishes a new method to succeed the Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism, which generates tradable emission offsets. The main objective of UNFCCC is to stabilize greenhouse gas absorptions within the atmosphere to an extent so as to reduce dangerous repercussions of climate change. At the Paris meeting, the international agreement decides to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. It was agreed to aim for a temperature increase below 2 degree Celsius as well as aim for less than 1.5 degrees. Moreover, it proposes that the government initiates mitigation actions to lower the carbon emissions (Carbonwatch.com, 2015). 2. Framework of Energy Policies in the United States The principles discussion in the UNFCCC conference has influenced the energy policy of United States, which has direct to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as well as the Kyoto Protocol. In the year 2015, the Paris Agreement consolidated the years of negotiations with an agreement along with 188 countries in order to connect the emissions of carbon dioxide. The agreement based on change in climate will emphasise the reduction of carbon emissions (Carbonwatch.com, 2015). The policy is measured to meet both the obligations as well as objectives of the Paris Agreement that have been executed at the national level (Lind et al. 2013). The ultimate goal of the energy policy of US is to seek the lowest price of the energy with the implication that the environmental consequences should not be tailored as a part of the cost. The other goal of the energy policy of US is to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and replaces the fossil fuels energy with nuclear power (Jenner and L amadrid, 2013). The main goal is to develop all the sources of energy to ascertain that they are available at reasonable prices. It is called all of the above strategy. The energy policy of US would not matter except for factor such as the supply of fossil fuel is additional than 80 percent of the worlds energy. Due to burning of fossil fuels, most of the regions of US are induced with climatic change (Miller, Richter and OLeary, 2015). The country has less time to reduce the carbon emissions in order to avoid the risk of catastrophic climate consequences. 3. Impact of decisions from UNFCCC Meetings Conference of Parties on the energy policy of United States Due to the adoption of the Paris Agreement, it gives a major impact on the energy policy of United States. In order to achieve the aim of limiting the global warming to 2 degree Celsius, US require reducing their emissions by 95 percent approximately with additional changes. The countries fulfil their commitment jointly, and it improves the competence of compliance throughout flexibility mechanism. Although the countries those are following the Kyoto Protocol, it has reduced their emissions nationally (Onat, Kucukvar and Tatari, 2015). There are three mechanisms that have been recognized to improve the financial efficiency of reductions and they are emission trading, clean development mechanism as well as joint implementation. 3.1 Emission trading It is a business sector based approach, dealing with the environmental objectives permitting the United States to diminish the emission of greenhouse gases (Jasper, 2014). It is done to increase reductions to balance the emission at another source, inside as well as outside the nation. Smyth and Narayan (2015) opined that trading happens at worldwide, intra-organization as well as domestic levels. 3.2 Clear Development Mechanism This mechanism is proposed by the developed countries to reduce the emission of carbon in developing countries. Axelrod and VanDeveer (2014) argued that the developed countries earn authorized emission reduction divisions that used beside the country's reduction obligation. This method is focused on the expansion aid as well as emission reduction. 3.3 Joint implementation One urbanized the country with emission caps work with another in a project-based method. It is done to decrease the emissions as well as share their resulting emission reduction units (Goldemberg and Guardabassi, 2015). 4. Key global challenges and issues faced the world oil and gas industry Due to Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Production levels, the prices of oil have dropped resulting in the boom in the U.S. oil as well as other factors. The prices if oil and gas become the determining factor to understand whether the reserve is cost-effectively reasonable (Axelrod and VanDeveer, 2014). The operational cost is also a risk in oil and gas industry. The companies are struggling to retain qualified workers, as they require during the boom times. Therefore, the payroll also rises to add another cost to the entire companies (Bohringer, 2014). However, the oil and gas industries have a high capital-intensive with very few players at the time. These are key challenges that are faced by the oil as well as gas industry. Podobnik (2015) argued from the two months that the trend of extended upward pressure on the price of oil was a dominant feature of spring 2004. Additionally, production of OPEC increases, the commercial crude oil inventories have risen to the secured levels (Smyth and Narayan, 2015). The following are the key issues and challenges in the oil and gas industry: 4.1 Energy demand and supply The crude oil demand is superior to its supply. Due to economic as well as population growth, the global demand of energy has doubled in the first half of the century (Sabel and Victor, 2015). The global oil supply company will struggle to keep pace with the demand due to declining output in mature fields by 80 percent in the year 2035. 4.2 Increase the production of the liquid fuels Oil as well as gas industry faces a vital challenge of the storage of liquid fuel in this period (Anuar and Abdullah, 2016). The American Petroleum Institute points towards the fact that the production of oil sand limits in 2014 due to a scarcity of pipelines leading from the refineries towards the market. The rising demand of the oil as well as gas can meet by expanding the fuel mix with the hi-tech technologies. It is only achieved by increasing the contribution of the bio fuels. As the bio fuels are highly beneficial so they are compatible with the existing infrastructures of the organization. 4.3 Fluctuate crude prices Due to political stability as well as efforts in different regions of the world, it leads to fluctuation in the price of fuel. The issues that lead to fluctuation of crude oils are slow approval of new capital projects and acquisition of the activity (Westphal, 2016). It is required to maintain an effective operation to maintain the margin in the environment. In order to overcome with this challenge, the oil as well as gas industry should atomize the drilling mechanism as well as robotic technology. 4.4 Cost of services The increase in the cost of services is a vital disruption for oil as well as gas industry. This increased cost cuts the value chains from exploration to the production and refining (Brook and Bradshaw, 2015). It results in a higher price of a commodity as well as it is driven the industry action to point the service industry lacks the capacity in order to respond. Both the server as well as desktop virtualization manages the cost of the services. Recommendations The following are the recommendations to overcome the key global issues and challenges of the world gas and oil industry: Implementation of Energy Efficiency Strategies: The administration of the United States ought to keep up their ways towards secure sustainable energy system by supporting the execution of energy efficiency strategies with an emphasis on transport and also building segments. Completion of Quadrennial Energy Audit: Completing the procedure lead to the quadrennial energy audit and, in addition, it is required to re-set up a stable and vital coordinated standpoint for the energy sector. Providing Bio-fuels: The rising demand of the oil and gas expands the transportation fuel mix with the hi-tech technologies. It is attained by raising the contribution of the bio-fuels. This is extremely beneficial as it is compatible with the existing infrastructures. Assertion of Robotic Drilling System: The oil and gas industries should assert use of new Robotic Drilling System, which establishes a raised security and is a cost-effective preparation for drilling activities both offshore, and on the land. Implementation of Modern Supply Chain Management Technology: Supply chain modern technology should be utilized by the oil and gas industry so that the system can access the computational web servers with superior speed to access the data. It allows the administrators to handle the improved supply of crude oil. This supply system optimizes the possible advantages of the collaboration among the oil and gas industry as well as its vendor organizations. Conclusion It is concluded that from the past two decades, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meetings which were held at the Paris in 2015 aimed to find the solution for the impact of global warming which refers to change in climate. The Paris agreement establishes a new method to succeed the Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism, which generates tradable emission offsets. However, technologies, as well as collaboration, are the key factors to upstream the reserves growth. Regarding the change in advanced technology and environmental threats, the industries are also changing so rapidly. Even from the internal as well as external critics, it is seen that United States is locked in their national-level energy policy. However, the decisions, which are taken in the agreements, give a high impact on the energy policy of the oil and gas industry. References Anuar, M.R. and Abdullah, A.Z. (2016). Challenges in biodiesel industry with regards to feedstock, environmental, social and sustainability issues: A critical review.Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,58, pp.208-223. Axelrod, R.S. and VanDeveer, S.D. eds. (2014).The Global Environment: Institutions, Law, and Policy: Institutions, Law, and Policy. CQ Press. Bohringer, C. (2014). Two decades of European climate policy: A critical appraisal.Review of Environmental Economics and Policy,8(1), pp.1-17. Available at: https://www.car.chula.ac.th/curef-db/Hot_Articles/BE_Feb57.pdf [Accessed 30 Mar. 2016]. Brook, B.W. and Bradshaw, C.J. (2015). Key role for nuclear energy in global biodiversity conservation.Conservation Biology,29(3), pp.702-712. Available at: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/cobi.12433/full [Accessed 30 Mar. 2016]. Burns, W.C. (2016). Loss and Damage and the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.Available at SSRN 2710086. 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Philosophy - Socrates Essays - Dialogues Of Plato,

Philosophy - Socrates Philosophy is a vast field. It examines and probes many different fields. Virtue, morality, immortality, death, and the difference between the psyche (soul) and the soma (body) are just a few of the many different topics which can be covered under the umbrella of philosophy. Philosophers are supposed to be experts on all these subjects. The have well thought out opinions, and they are very learned people. Among the most revered philosophers of all time was Socrates. Living around the 5th century B.C., Socrates was among the first philosophers who wasn't a sophist, meaning that he never felt that he was wise for he was always in the pursuit of knowledge. Unfortunately, Socrates was put to death late in his life. One of his best students, Plato, however, recorded what had occurred on that last day of Socrates' life. On that last day of his life, Socrates made a quite powerful claim. He claimed that philosophy was merely practice for getting used to death and dying. At first, the connection between philosophy and death is not clear. However, as we unravel Socrates' argument backing up his claim, the statement makes a lot of sense. In order for Philosophers to examine their world accurately and learn the truth accurately, they must remove them selves of all distractions. These not only include physical distractions, but they include mental distractions and bodily distractions as well. Philosophers must get used to viewing and examining the world with out any senses. Senses merely hinder and obscure the truth. Sight for example can be fooled easily with optical illusions which occur normally in nature. Sound can be very distracting as well when a philosopher is trying to concentrate. All of these cloud the judgement, and must therefore be detached from the soul. Socrates argues that philosophers must view the world around them with their souls in order to accurately learn about it. However, by detaching their souls from all bodily functions, philosophers may as well be in an induced state of death. In mortem, the soul wanders free and there are no bodily hindrances. Socrates also believed that philosophers look upon death with good cheer and hope. This I find hard to believe because if this were true, the philosopher would not be able to love life, and without the love of life, there is no life to examine and learn about. It is understandable however from another point of view to understand why the philosopher would look forward to death with good cheer. Once the philosopher is dead, his soul is free to roam around without hindrances forever, and all the worlds secrets shall be revealed to him. In fact, Socrates' sees his death as a liberation from the shackles of life for his last wish was for Crito to sacrifice a rooster to Asclepius. This god was normally given sacrifices to free the sickly from the grips of a virus or illness. Perhaps Socrates saw the body as a sickness that fed upon the soul. If this were the case, then indeed Socrates would be happy to leave the bonds of life, for then he could have an eternity to seek out his answers, all without the diversions and distractions of a body. Socrates believed that it was this search that was important, even more so than the answers them selves. Socrates believed that the journey toward the answers is where most of the learning takes place, and it is this journey that truly integrates the answers as part of your very own being. --===--

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Employee Benefits Essays - Employee Relations, Free Essays

Employee Benefits Essays - Employee Relations, Free Essays Employee Benefits If you have employees, than salaries, wages & benefits are a large part of your monthly expenses. You want to make sure you are getting the most productivity for your money. When you have a problem with low employee motivation and/or productivity, it is important to search for the reason. Some may feel underpaid, another may want more recognition or interaction with other people. Simply raising your employee's pay or giving them a promotion may not be the answer. You can reduce unwanted employee turnover & related recruiting, hiring & training costs by shifting experienced employees. The key is to recognize the workers value & aspirations. Age, education, job experience, job fullfillment, marital status & family size are all considerations that determine the attractiveness of a benefit. Its important to remember that everyones needs are different. An older person may want more status like a title or professional association membership. There are some more common flexible benefits you may want to include as part of the program: -pre-tax thrift-savings programs -recreational programs -discounts -scholarship -personal financial planning -loans -tuition refund -profit sharing -company car -personal expense account -parking privelages -legal assistance -flex-time -extra vacation -child care -job title -professional or trade association membershops -travel Not only do the benefits satisfy the employee's needs, but it also communicates your concerns to meet those needs, creating the kind of work environment that contributes to increased employee productivity. To create a win/win situation, offer benefits that will meet employee needs while still providing the most value to your business.

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Reason and Faith Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reason and Faith - Essay Example Faith is the opposite of reason, and it does not require any evidence for an individual to believe in a given issue or authority. On this basis, faith is a demonstration of assent or trust (Albl, 22). Faith, therefore, involves an act of commitment that emanates from the believer, in relation to a given belief. Religious faith involves the belief of an individual to a supernatural deity or God. The root cause of this faith always comes from an individual revelation of God, or the workings of God (The Bible, 3). On this note, revelation can either be direct, personally experiencing the powers of God. It can also be indirect, that is experiencing the powers of God through the testimonies of other people. Faith that emanates from religion is of two types, namely evidence insensitive faith, and evidence sensitive faith. Evidence sensitive faith is built upon by demonstrable truths, which includes testimonies brought forth by believers or people who ascribe to the same Faith. Mueller (27) denotes that this type of faith is also built on the teachings and lives of people who believed in God. On the other hand, Mueller (29) denotes that evidence-insensitive faith is built upon the individual experiences of a person with his God. All (26) explains that it is possible for a person to believe in God, through faith, or through reason. This paper takes a stand that the Bible is the main book that provides guidance on an individual’s Christian faith. The reason is only used to confirm and provide support for the various religious beliefs. Prickett and Robert (36) denote that the main factor that led to the problems associated with reason and faith comes from the concept of revelation. All religious beliefs are based on revelations. Revelations always entail an individual’s experiences with God, which in turn they are described through sacred pronunciations (Prickett and Robert, 33).  Ã‚